Upload Digital Content

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Most social network sites are set up in such a way that they understand many different types of content. This content can be described as multimedia because it allows all sorts of content.

• Text and words can be typed in directly or files can be uploaded.
• Pictures and graphics can be added to pages, such as the picture or graphic you wish to use with your user profile.
• Videos and animations can be added
• Sound or audio files can be added

Although text is the main way to present information on a social networking site it is usual to see a mixture of media.

Many sites allow users to mix their media on the site, for example, you may be able to add some text or even a drawing on top of one of your pictures.

When you are ready to upload your content, such as a video or a picture, you may be asked to state that the content belongs to you and not someone else. If you were to use someone else’s work without their permission you would be going against the Copyright law. You should always remember that just because you can access or download something from the web it does not change the copyright status of the content.

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