Follow Guidelines for Online Safety


Every social networking site has its own rules and regulations that you can read and review at any time. The first time you come across these rules and guidelines for the site is when you sign up from an account. The sites owners wish you to get the most out of their social networking site but they also wish to you to follow certain rules. You can think of these rules as being similar to the rulers of a sports game, like football. In football you should do as the referee says or you may be sent off. When you sign up for an account you will be asked to read the rules and to tick a box that states that you have read and that you will follow the rules. This is sometimes called signing an acceptable use policy.

The other less formal rules and guidelines that you should follow when you are online are called Netiquette. As guidelines these are only advisory but if you do not follow them you may find yourself getting into trouble.

DON’T type your text all in capitals. People view this as SHOUTING and many people find it offensive and you could lose a look of friends by doing it.

When you start using a site and are confused about something have a look for and read the site’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before pestering anyone about how to do something. If you don’t and go in asking for the answer to questions that many people have asked before you may not get a good response. A person who has just started using a social networking site is called a newbie.

Follow the same standards of good manners that you use in real life when you are online.

Have a look for more information about Netiquette here.

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