Online Groups and Events

Multimedia and Social Networking

Once you have been using a social networking site for a while and communicating with contacts you may wish to get involved with other people who have like minded interests. One way to do this is to join a social networking group that exists to support and let people who have the same interest share information about their interest.

You will probably want to use the social networking web sites search facilities to find groups that you may be interested in joining or you may be invited to join a group by a friend or a contact.

You may even decide, once you are familiar with the web site and its facilities, to set up your own groups because you think that this is an area where a new group will be of use to other people who use the social networking site or because you believe that you can add a unique group to the social networking site that people will want to join and be a part of.

Theatre Tickets


Once you have completed the planning and organising of an event, such as a Fun Run for charity, the next step is to promote it online so that as many of the people you would like to know about the event do know about it. Generally, the more people who know about your event the better. In order to best communicate information about the event to people it is a good idea to use as many different types of social networking as possible. Therefore, in order to maximize the publicity, you may decide to add an entry to your blog that gives important information about the event such as the date, time and venue. The blog could also include a poster detailing the event and what will happen in a colourful and eye-catching way. You would then think about adding information about the event to your social networking community site. You could also use micro-blogging and instant messaging to further publicize your event.

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