Navigating the Internet

The software you’ll use to navigate the World Wide Web (“the Web”) is known as a web browser, or simply a browser. At present there are three main browsers in use: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. We’ll look in more detail at Google Chrome, as this is the most commonly used browser. Other browsers work in a similar manner.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has the following features:

  • a toolbar with icons for Forward, Back, Refresh, Home and Settings
  • an address box showing the address of the site currently beong viewed
  • a display window showing the contents of the page currently being viewed

To access a web page you simply type the web address  (also known as the Universal Resource Locator(URL)) of the page you wish to visit and press the Enter Key.

URLs generally start with http://, but you don’t need to type this. However, you may need to type www at the start of the address – this depends on the site.

Once you’re on the required page you can usually click on hyperlinks or menus to visit other pages on the site or jump to other sites.

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