Staying Safe Online

There are three major types of of safety and security threats you need to know how to avoid on the Internet:

  • threats to your personal physical safety,
  • threats to the safety of your personal data
  • threats to the safety and integrity of your computer

By “integrity” we mean that all program and data files are left in their original state: they are not deleted, amended, corrupted or otherwise altered.

Inexperienced Internet users are always much more vulnerable to security threats. You should not be afraid to ask for assistance from more experienced users if required. You should never disclose personal details,  such as your real name, your address or the times you will be in a particular place.

Insecure personal data can lead to unsafe situations as breaking security can enable people with malicious intentions to get access to your identity and details you would not intentionally publish online. The commonest breaches of  personal data security are due to using weak passwords, leaving computers logged in and allowing the installation of malware designed to bypass security.

Systems running Windows are the biggest risk, due to the fact that most malware is targeted at Windows. However, attacks on other systems, including mobile devices, are not unknown and are on the increase.

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