Browser Settings

A number of browser settings for Google Chrome can be amended by clicking the hotdog icon  and selecting Settings from the drop-down menu.

Basic settings include:

  • Sign in to Google Chrome with your Google Account lets you save your personalised browser settings and access them from Google Chrome on any computer.
  • Startup options allows you to specify what page(s) are opened on startup.
  • Appearance allows you to choose a graphic theme for your browser.
  • Search lets you specify which search engine you wish to use.
  • Default Browser lets you specify the Google Chrome is the default browser.

Advanced settings include:

  • Privacy allows you to specify how certain types of content will be handled (Cookies, Images, JavaScript) and when browsing data should be deleted.
  • Passwords and forms allows you set options for saving passwords and for autofilling forms.
  • Web content lets you set fonts and sizes and specify level of zoom.
  • Languages lets you change how Chrome handles and displays languages.
  • Downloads lets you specify download location.

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